Cwu Royal Mail Agreement 2018

The recent agreement between Royal Mail and the Communication Workers Union (CWU) in 2018 has been a topic of interest for many individuals and businesses relying on the postal service. The agreement came after months of negotiations and potential strike threats, with both parties coming to a compromise.

One key aspect of the agreement was the pay increase for Royal Mail employees, with a 5% increase over two years for frontline workers. This move was welcomed by the CWU, who had been pushing for a pay increase for their members. Additionally, there were changes to pension plans, sick pay, and job security, all of which were important issues for both Royal Mail employees and the union.

Another significant aspect of the agreement was the commitment to improving job security, with a guarantee of no compulsory redundancies until at least 2021. This was a crucial win for the CWU, who had been campaigning for job security for its members, and for Royal Mail employees who will now have more stability in their positions.

The agreement also addressed the issue of automation in the postal service. There had been concerns from the CWU that Royal Mail`s plans for automation would lead to job cuts and a reduction in service quality. However, the agreement included a commitment from Royal Mail to consult with the CWU on any plans for automation, ensuring that the union and employees have a say in any changes made.

Overall, the 2018 CWU-Royal Mail agreement was a positive step for both parties, with the resolution of long-standing issues and an improved working environment for employees. The agreement has also been touted as a move towards improving the postal service for customers, with increased investment in technology and infrastructure. It`s a reminder that positive change can be achieved when both sides are willing to listen and compromise.