What Pronoun Antecedent Agreement

As a copy editor, it is important to understand proper grammar rules, including pronoun antecedent agreement. Pronoun antecedent agreement refers to ensuring that pronouns match the nouns they are referring to in a sentence. Failure to adhere to this rule can lead to confusion and misunderstandings in your writing.

To understand pronoun antecedent agreement, it is helpful to understand the definition of both terms. A pronoun is a word that replaces a noun in a sentence, such as he, she, it, or they. An antecedent is the noun that the pronoun replaces in a sentence. For example, in the sentence “Samantha picked up her book,” the pronoun “her” is replacing the antecedent “Samantha.”

The key to proper pronoun antecedent agreement is ensuring that the pronoun and its antecedent agree in number (singular or plural) and gender (masculine, feminine, or neutral). For example, in the sentence “The girls picked up their books,” the pronoun “their” is plural and matches the antecedent “girls.” In contrast, if the sentence were “The girl picked up their book,” it would be incorrect as “girl” is singular and “their” is plural.

It is also important to note that pronoun antecedent agreement can become more complex when dealing with gender-neutral pronouns. In recent years, there has been a push for the use of gender-neutral pronouns such as “they/them” to refer to individuals who do not identify as strictly male or female. In these cases, it is important to ensure that the pronoun matches its antecedent in both number and gender. For example, the sentence “Alex is going to their doctor`s appointment” is correct as “their” is both gender-neutral and plural to match the antecedent “Alex.”

In conclusion, ensuring proper pronoun antecedent agreement is crucial in effective communication in writing. As a copy editor, it is essential to catch any errors in pronoun antecedent agreement to ensure clarity and accuracy in your writing. By keeping in mind the number and gender of both the pronoun and antecedent in a sentence, you can guarantee that your writing is grammatically correct, professional, and easy to understand.